Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So it only took me all semester but I finally finished reading the book Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. It was a really great book about a small town girl from Indiana who goes to a boarding school. We read about her experiences with the school and the relationships she makes with her peers and teachers. The last chapter stood out the most and was most comparable to what we learn in class. I caught myself reading and comparing theories that we have learned in class to the book. There are comments about race and there are so many references to money.

Curtis Sittenfeld has also written a couple other books. On her website there is a biography and more information about her and her novels. I always like to read and it is even better when I can relate the book to my own experiences. Dr. Bogad has also read this and agrees that it is a very good book. When the summer comes, I cannot wait to pick another one of her books and read it! I hope some of you try it out and enjoy the novel as much as I did!

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