Saturday, April 30, 2011

Education in Politics

Extended Comments:

I chose to work off of Conor's blog because he picked such great quotes. The first one is about the teacher being the head figure in the classroom, but the student participation is critical. This relates directly to Dr. Bogad's classroom. We have to participate all the time! It is important to to make sure that all the students understand what they are learning, and what better way to do it than by having everyone participate. The last quote that Conor used was relevant to the first one in the way that participation is key.

Conor's next quote was about how if there are many students in one classroom, then students are less motivated. How true is this? Really! Who thinks that lectures in big lecture halls are fun? You sit there and the professor is most likely not going to know your name. Therefore you do what you have to do to pass the class and not put any extra effort in to go above and beyond.

I love the idea of sitting in a circle and discussing different ideas, where we all learn, but how do you put that into a math classroom? I'm not sure if it would work out right. Groupwork is easier. That would get all of the students to work together. Something to think about.

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